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We can understand if you find yourself having a difficult time choosing with all the different colors and paver styles available to you. And we have a solution for that: choose more than one!

Some of the most remarkable paving stone designs come from mixing and matching colors and avers styles. There's something to be said for uniform design, but a variety of shapes, colors and sizes makes for an eye-catching, intruguing and truly individual paving stone masterpiece.



You can add elegand or drama while creating a more usable space. Terraced gardens can transform a backyard, and a series of steps can take a non-descript slope and make it breathtaking.

Even consider adding a decorative wall to full define and realize your spaces, to create the outdoor barbecue you've always wanted ot a cozy fire put. Maybe you want something, but arn't quite sure what, and that's where Grinnell can help. In our 50 years of experience we've helped plenty of homeowners design and execute the outdoor living spaces of their dreams. We can help you too.

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