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Permeable Pavers

Grinnell Eco


Typical PICP cross-section



Benefits of PICP’s

  • Reduces pollutants from rainwater runoff
  • Complements buildings and visually unifies streetscape, many colors available
  • LEED® points eligible for Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Materials & Resources and/or Innovative Design; Earns Green Globe points
  • Meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stormwater performance criteria as a structural best management practice (BMP) while providing parking, roadand pedestrian surfaces
  • Helps meet local, state and provincial stormwater drainage design criteria and provides complianc e with the U.S. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations
  • Reduces runoff from common rainstorms by as much
  • as 100%; eliminates surface puddles and local flooding
  • Promotes street tree survival
  • Snow melts faster on permeable pavement and drains,
  • reducing ice hazards
  • Snow plow with typical snow removal equipment; reduce winter ice hazards, deicing salt use and snow removal costs
  • 50 year life-cycle for surface
  • Compatible with underground stormwater storage systems, many slower-draining clay soils and cold climates
  • Governments may offer tax incentives, utility fee reductions, expedited permitting or a demonstration project to encourage use


  • Public Projects: Office plazas, parks, sidewalk replacement,
  • street tree planting areas, parking lots and outdoor seating areas
  • Private Projects: Parking lots, parks, driveways, parking bays
  • on roadways, subdivision roads and sidewalks
  • Public-Private Partnerships & Redevelopment Sites:
    Parking areas, plazas and public spaces and sidewalks


Grinnell Green Certified


All Grinnell products are manufactured in the USA in our solar powered facility. For environmentally sensitive & green building projects our permeable products are engineered & manufactured to be the perfect choice.

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