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Diamond Pro Stone Cut
Image Grinnell just made the best engineered wall product even better. Now the Stone Cut™ Series of the Diamond Pro™ retaining wall system comes in multiple pieces, allowing you to create a more random appearance. Diamond Pro Stone Cut Series feature the patented rear-lip system, ensuring uniform setback, easy installation and proven grid connections that have been hallmarks of the Diamond Pro Series for years.
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Stone Size Pieces per Cube
Diamond Pro Stone Cut
8" x 8" x 12" 16
Diamond Pro Stone Cut
8" x 11" x 12" 16
Diamond Pro Stone Cut
8" x 7" x 12" 16
Extra Large Cap 3" x 18" x 13"


How Many Cap Stones Will I Need?
To determine the number of cap stones needed for either Diamond, Diamond Pro, or Diamond Pro Stone Cut measure length of wall. Multiply wall length (linear feet) by 12" and divide by 14.5" Example: 100' (linear feet) x 12" ÷ 14.5 = 82.75 cap units.

Diamond Pro Stone Cut may not be available in all colors. 

Color Selector
(Please click on Vintage Wall Colors for larger color representation.)

Brown Flash
Gray Flash

Color samples should be used only as a guide. Colors should always be chosen from actual samples. All measurements are approximate.

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