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Vintage Paver Colors

The process used in manufacturing vintage pavers involves the use of natural aggregates and pigments, ensuring the uniqueness of every paver created. All Grinnell pavers are manufactured "color-through" meaning color is consistently present throughout the paver, not just on the face.

While many manufacturers promote a top layer face, where color is present only in the top layer of the paver, Grinnell is committed to the "color-through" process that gives our customers the highest quality product. Like hardwood when compared to veneer, "color-through" pavers continue to be the timeless choice for quality. 

Note: Efflorescence is a whitish powder-like deposit, common in concrete and masonry products that normally will disappear over time with weathering. Although it may present an asthetic concern, efflorescence will not affect the structural performance of pavers or wall systems. Efflorescence is a natural occurence for which Grinnell Concrete Pavingstones accepts no responsibility nor liability for this condition.

Vintage Pavers shown in the photographs are are the Berkshire 5-Piece with Union Border.

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Photographic stone colors should be used only as a guide. Colors should always be chosen from actual samples.

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