For Log Completion, please use the following directions:

1. Click on to the “Salesman” field and type your name.
2. Click on to the calendar next to  "Date” and select the day the log report begins
3. Click on to the calendar next to “Through” and select the day the log report ends.
4. On the column starting with Monday, click the calendar and select the date.
5. Click on the customer / project box and begin typing / highlighting the day’s activities.
6. Continue through the form following steps 4 & 5 through the remainder of the week.
7. After completing the form please select the appropriate department, then click the “submit”  button and your logs will automatically be delivered to your appropriate manager.

Daily Sales Call Report

Salesman: Date: Pick a date Through: Pick a date

Day/Date Customer/Project Location
Pick a date
Pick a date
Pick a date
Pick a date
Pick a date
Pick a date
Pick a date


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